Harrys of Hartsdale

Harrys of Hartsdale

230 East Hartsdale Avenue

Hartsdale, NY 10530



Walk in to the ground floor of Harrys of Hartsdale to find a casual scene (or as my mom calls it sophisticated casual).  A bar to the right, and neatly lined up tables going down the wall. I recommend this floor for kids because of its more informal style. But if you’re in need of a fancy dinner, like for an adult’s birthday, walk up the stairs and you’ll be surrounded by an elegantly designed room. A large mirror, beautiful plants, and some wine bottles, intelligently placed to add to the magnificent decor. The only fault is the office-like ceiling that stands out against the rest of the room.

Sit down at a nice candle-lit table, and a server will be right with you. I congratulate Harrys of Hartsdale for their fast, efficient, and nice staff. After taking a piece of bread from the large variety in the basket, I started out with some cranberry juice and a splash of club soda (one of my personal favorites). It was perfect. Sweet, but not too sweet, thanks to the club soda, giving it perfect flavor. The menu had several items like hamburgers from Japan, Italy, and Upstate N.Y. as well as different kinds of pasta for the kids and a more fancy selection for adults. I had the Tempura Calamari for my appetizer.

The Calamari was served with a delicious Citrus Sesame Ginger Teriyaki glaze (a thin sauce). But the calamari was too heavily breaded. Sometimes I would only bite the fried part with no calamari. This made the breading too crunchy. But when you got down to just the calamari and a light layer of breading it was much better.

My little sister and I decided to split an entree, the Wild Atlantic Salmon. I noticed how our waitress had the kitchen divide the salmon perfectly onto two plates, both beautifully curled up in a circle surrounded by Red Inca Quinoa (a type of grain), where another restaurant might’ve just plopped the salmon down on a single plate and have us cut it in half ourselves. The salmon was very warm and appetizing. Its soft texture feels good in your mouth. I had never tried Quinoa before but it was pretty good. What a delicious meal!

My sister then said, “We should come here more often!”

I couldn’t agree more.

On our way out we all got to have a red hot mint that were in a bowl sitting by the front door.

*For the rest of their menu go their website or click here

4/5 Stars

-Review by M, Age 11


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  1. hey dude im done with acp, so id like to know… could i have a job on this site?

    Edit: Just start typing up some reviews and send them in. Review must include:

    -Name of Restaurant
    -Address of Restaurant
    -Phone # of Restaurant
    -Site (if any) of Restaurant
    -Overall Rating of Restaurant out of five (4/5 stars, etc.)

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