Paleteria Fernandez

Paleteria Fernandez
Port Chester, NY 10573
33 North Main Street
(914) 939-3694
No wifi

Paleteria Fernandez is a small ice-cream shop in Port Chester, NY that serves great milk pops, perfect popsicles with water, and wonderful ice cream.  My favorite choice definitely lies with the popsicles.  Popsicles are available with leche (milk) or with agua (water).  I favor the leche but agua is great if you’re watching your weight.  And just because you do not get the leche doesn’t mean that your pop won’t be delicious.  The agua is extremely good but the leche is unbelievable.  The popsicles my family and I prefer include coconut, pistachio, strawberry, and passion fruit.  The incredible coconut popsicle, which contains real pieces of the fruit in it, is the best popsicle I’ve ever had.  It tastes like real coconut!  The passion fruit pop is astonishing if you’re looking for a sweet and sour adventure for your taste buds.  The popsicles are so good at Paleteria Fernandez that, after discovering the shop, my mom returned three more times that same week…and we live a whole 20 minutes away!  And they’re at an average price of $2 to $2.50.  Even though it is not unbelievably cheap you get what you’re paying for, most of the time even more!

-Review by M, Age 12

5/5 Stars

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