We Want YOU!

We Want YOU… to write reviews!  If you ever go to a really cool restaurant (or a really lame one, ;-)) write a review, copy/paste into the comment box, and send!


  • Reviewer is under the age of 21

Review must include:

  • Initial that you would like to be represented by
  • Your age
  • Restaurant name
  • Restaurant address
  • Restaurant Phone number (if available)
  • Restaurant Website (if any)
  • Rating (1 being the worst/5 being the best)
  • Wi-fi (optional)

2 responses to “We Want YOU!

  1. MYO. a popular frozen yogurt shop in Monterey, California, has all sorts of things to please customers. For the parents’ benefit, all the fruit is shipped fresh every day. The toppings are refilled when the some toppings are low, and sometimes the toppings are parents’ favorites. The yogurt has amazing exotic flavors, but you can always find chocolate and vanilla. Some popular flavors are: chocolate, vanilla, praline, cherry coca cola, pomegranate raspberry, watermelon sorbet, and cookies and cream. If you ever wondered why the cups are so big, it’s because all the toppings tend to fall off. On Monday nights MYO has smaller cups, as a part of family night. There’s always 30 toppings, and 8 yogurt flavors. Compared to ice cream, MYO has it beat good.

  2. MYO
    Alvarado Street, Monterey CA 93940

    reviewed by Christine, age 10

    phone number not available

    rating 5

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